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Riello UPS - An Overview Of Uninterruptible Power Supplies And Considerations When Installing Them

Riello UPS is a recognised name in the supply of uninterruptible power supply systems. The company is multi-award winning and has developed solutions to provide cover for every possible scenario from home users to start-ups, right through to utilities companies, data centres, and factories.

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Riello Sentinel Pro UPS

Whatever your size or set-up, if you rely on power to run systems within your home or business, you need to protect that supply against any eventuality.  Riello’s solutions do that effectively; what’s more, they provide dependable power protection that’s as energy efficient as possible, saving you money and helping you to minimise energy wastage.

What Is a UPS And Why Are Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Necessary?

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply (or sometimes uninterruptible power source).  In brief, it is a piece of electrical equipment that provides power in times of emergency to a load when the existing or usual power supply fails for any reason.

Riello UPS solutions, like UPS equipment from other companies, stand apart from other types of supplementary power supplies such as generators or emergency power systems, because they offer almost instantaneous back-up power.  The moment the regular power supply is interrupted, the UPS kicks in. This allows the technical team, or whoever manages the load, enough time to shut down the equipment that’s being protected in accordance with protocol; or to start up an alternative source of power, such as a standby generator.

A UPS can also protect against power surges, which would otherwise damage computers and other equipment, by intercepting them before they reach that hardware.  The power source within the UPS that supplies the energy is usually stored in batteries.

As is the case with pretty much all electrical equipment, Riello UPS solutions need routine and regular Riello UPS maintenance. This will help to ensure that, when needed, they are both reliable and available to supply emergency power that can protect your key IT equipment and avoid downtime within your organisation. Failure to ensure a routine preventative Riello UPS service schedule can result in financial loss and even reputational damage, if the worst-case scenario happens and your systems cannot be relied upon to provide back-up power as and when it’s needed.

What Riello UPS Servicing And Maintenance Entails And Why It Is Critical

Riello products are, as noted, among the best on the market and the company is one of the leading suppliers of UPS systems UK wide.  But no matter how much you spend on any electrical equipment, whether from Riello or not, your UPS system will degrade over time and with use.  Component parts internally can begin to develop wear and tear. It’s not just the obvious parts, like the battery, that you can expect to need replacement.  There are fans, filters, and capacitors that also deteriorate over time.

Once the UPS Riello (or any other company) has supplied is in place within your organisation, it’s important to consider regular preventative maintenance. This gives engineers the opportunity to identify any early warning signs of damage, corrosion, or deterioration to the UPS; and you as business owner the chance to consider replacement before any critical failure can catch you unawares and unprotected.

How often you need your UPS servicing depends on a number of factors, not least the average life of the battery, the ambient temperature of the room it’s kept in, and the number of times the UPS is charged and discharged.  Broadly speaking, it’s usually suggested you have engineers on-site to visually inspect a UPS once a year, every year, from the date of installation.  Good IT equipment suppliers offering servicing and maintenance contracts can often also carry out remote monitoring of your UPS systems, 24/7, all year round, which can help spot potential problems early on.  So, when choosing a supplier, be sure to ask whether this is an option.

How Riello UPS Software Enhances Your Product And Where To Source It From

Routine maintenance and servicing by external engineers are, therefore, vital.  However, it’s also essential that your own internal tech teams have the tools and abilities to be able to monitor and manage the performance of the UPS on a day to day basis.

Various Riello UPS software solutions are designed to achieve this, as well as ensuring reliable communication with, and connection between, the UPS and the IT networks they’re set up to protect.  Amongst other features, there are remote monitoring devices which allow IT departments to view the status of the UPS in real time; and environmental sensors that allow in-depth scrutiny, recording and management of temperatures, humidity and so on.

So, having learned a little more about Riello’s impressive track record in UPS supply and management, you now need to know where to source their products from.  Look for a supplier that doesn’t just sell the products and leave you to get on with it.  The best companies also offer extensive services to help you take advantage of the best of the Riello UPS features.  That includes site surveys to analyse your company’s needs in detail, as well as designing the layout, and planning the installation of your power protection system.

You should also look for an experienced company that can offer servicing and maintenance of all the critical components to protect your investment for the future and that’s something you’ll find in Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd.  With over 40 years of critical power and monitoring and evaluation experience, this company delivers an efficient, responsive and all-encompassing UPS service.

A Tailored Approach To Riello UPS Supply And Services From Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd

At Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd, we aim to provide excellence as standard. Our trained and qualified engineers work with you to get to know your business and its requirements when it comes to uninterruptible power supplies.

Based wholly in the UK, we design, install, monitor, and maintain Riello UPS solutions that will keep your systems up and running, and all with environmental considerations and energy efficiency in mind.

To discover how we could help you, view our range of products and services, and some of our past projects, on our website at  If you’d like to discuss your requirements with our team, call us on 01332 661177 or drop us a line via

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