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UPS Battery Impedance Test Procedures Are Non-Intrusive Yet Highly Effective

UPS battery impedance test procedures are valuable because they are carried out in situ. They are a form of non-intrusive testing; in other words, Riello UPS systems do not have to be shut down in order for the testing to take place.

UPS Battery Impedance Test

ups battery impedance test

Impedance testing is the better choice where batteries are keeping essential services going, because it means there is no interruption to business activity and therefore there will be no resulting loss of productivity.  It is far less disruptive than battery discharge testing, for instance, where operations typically have to shut down for days at a time for the test to take place.

The Value Of Checking Your UPS Through Impedance Testing

A UPS battery impedance test gives a good indication of the batteries’ condition within your system without causing any damage or placing stress on their functionality.  The test runs internally within each battery, and reports on its condition by examining the whole route along which electricity runs, from terminal plate to terminal plate.  This identifies any weakness in individual cells or the connectors between cells reliably.  Mapping the performance of each cell within the string not only clarifies its current state, but also predicts its performance over the near future.  This allows businesses to determine when component parts might need replacement, making it easier to forecast for future expenditure.

When Battery Impedance Testing Is Essential, Call On Technical Power & Maintenance Ltd

Moreover, if uninterrupted power supply is critical to your business’ performance, for example for electricity generation, critical data back-up, or emergency telephone services, you need to be able to calculate accurately when batteries are likely to fail or need replacement.  You have the opportunity to act before battery failure causes loss of services, harm to profitability, and reputational damage.

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