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Multi Guard Industrial UPS

Multi Guard Industrial UPS

The Multi Guard Industrial is a versatile and reliable uninterruptible power supply designed to suit the unique and challenging needs of industrial installations and space-restricted environments. Available as a stand-alone 20 kVA version or as a modular system up to 160 kVA, this plug and play online UPS can accept both single-phase or three-phase power inputs without the need for any additional configuration. This makes it an ideal choice for environments with a limited power supply or where the UPS is supplied by a generator. Delivers unity power factor.

Incorporating a powerful battery charger and temperature sensors to ensure enhanced battery reliability, the Multi Guard Industrial offers reliable protection in a small footprint, making it suitable for restricted spaces such as containerised data centres. The modular cabinet model offers scalability that minimises the initial total cost of ownership (TCO) and enables “pay as you grow” expansion with the addition of extra modules or cabinets. Cold Start functionality means the UPS can power up without mains electricity.

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Versatile and reliable, the Multi Guard Industrial is an ideal choice for the space-restricted location often found in challenging industrial environments.

It is available as a stand-alone 20 kVA unit or as a modular version. The latter provides up to 160 kVA total power, with a single cabinet capable of housing four power modules and two cabinets capable of being paralleled together.

This flexible UPS power supply can handle both single-phase and three-phase inputs without the need for any specific configuration or operational intervention, meaning it is fully-compatible with any power network. It is also available as a single-phase or three-phase output and can deliver unity power factor.

All versions incorporate a bypass line separate from the mains power supply to ensure greater availability.

Each power module is completely independent of each other in terms of control, monitoring, and management, enhancing system resilience and enabling interruption-free UPS maintenance.

The cabinet version offers operators simple scalability to “pay as you grow” by adding in either extra power modules or another cabinet to increase capacity or add redundancy. This offers greater control over the total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimises energy waste.

A simple plug and play installation is complemented by Cold Start functionality, which enables the UPS to power up even in the absence of mains supply.

The Multi Guard Industrial integrates with the entire range of Riello UPS advanced network communications and monitoring software, including PowerShield3 and PowerNetGuard.

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